Ultralight Hiking Resources

Don't know your Dyneema from your Fancee Feest?!!

Welcome to the weird cult of the ultralight hiker! (Relax, I'm joking!)
Like all new activities, there is some new lingo to learn, but actually the basic principles of ultralight hiking are very straightforward.

This page is a jumping off point to lots of useful and interesting ultralight stuff around the web, and around the world. I've indicated the Aussie ones, but actually most of the advice is universal. There's lots more out there but here's a few good pointers to get you started...

    Ultralight Blogs

    There are many many really great blogs and websites devoted to ultralight backpacking. You'll find information available on ultralight principles, techniques and equipment. As well as lots of inspirational stories about hikers and hikes. There can be a lot of overlap between sites but they all put their own flavour to it and offer something new. Here's a few of the best ultralight hiking websites.

    Ultralight Forums and Groups

    Links to active online communities of ultralight hikers. Discussion boards like these can be great for sharing knowledge, ideas, opinions, stories and just about anything else ultralight related. They can be a good way to cut through the marketing hype and find out what really works. They are also the ideal place to get really specific advice and local knowledge.

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    Online Tools


    Just getting started with UL? One of the first things you need to do is weigh all your gear. Next, you'll need to record it all somewhere.
    A notebook or spreadsheet works OK but Lighterpack is better!

    Aussie Ultralight Backpacking Brands

    In the world of ultralight backpacking there is a lot of gear-talk! Some of the best known brands are from overseas, but we've also got some top notch companies here in Australia that are equally worthy of your dollar. There can be big benefits to buying local, you can have something custom made, exactly how you want it and perfect for your needs. Plus local support for easy repairs or returns.

    Wilderness Threadworks

    Custom ultralight backpacks

    Tier Gear

    Handmade ultralight tarps,
    hammocks and quilts.

    Terra Rosa Gear

    Ultralight tarps , quilts,
    bags and shelters

    Ultralight Hiker

    Dyneema stuffsacks, cooking gear
    and ultralight accessories

    One Planet

    Ultralight shelters including the featherlight 2Midable mid tent

    Alton Goods

    Ultralight hammocks, tarps
    and accessories